Interpreting is an activity in which communication is facilitated between two or more speakers who neither
speak the same language nor are able to make themselves understood to one another in a single
common language.

We distinguish between:

  • Consecutive interpreting
    There is a pause between the individual segments for interpreting. The interpreter first listens to the whole sentence or segment in the source language and then interprets it into the target language.
  • Simultaneous interpreting
    Interpreting in real time: the speaker talks without any breaks; the interpreter hears the source language and interprets it simultaneously into the target language.

We provide you with:

  • Excellent simultaneous and consecutive interpreters who are native speakers in the target language. We choose all interpreters in due consideration of the relevant specialist field. In order to guarantee a high quality level, if necessary we provide our translators and interpreters with all the requisite materials and specialist dictionaries.
  • Professional, experienced interpreters for all world languages. No matter if it be for a press conference, training session, educational programme or some other social event: we always have the appropriate solution for you!