Specialist and technical translations

Our clients place great trust in our specialist and technical translations.
Convince yourself of our competence, quality and services!


The most apt professional translator is always selected according to our stringently-defined criteria.
The target language is always the translator’s mother tongue. Furthermore, translators must:

  • Be able to prove their qualifications in the form of degrees and certificates.
  • Provide evidence of several years’ professional experience.
  • Be very familiar with the respective specialist field.

We undertake all the most important tasks for you. As a rule the sequence is as follows:

  • You send us your query.
  • We prepare our offer promptly, stating the price and delivery time.
  • You confirm the order.
  • We select the translator according to target language, specialist field and availability.
  • We prepare your data material for the translation process (reference material, terminology...).
  • We coordinate all issues that arise on your or the translator’s side.
  • We provide quality assurance, for example by means of proof-reading and layout control.
  • You receive the desired translation.

It goes without saying that we take our orientation from your specific requirements and wishes. Constructive criticism is always welcome, too, because we aspire to continuous improvement of our processes.